Thursday, 26 January 2012

In Beauty's Eyes

In Beauty's eyes, I reside.
In gentle arms, she holds me,
Shielding my eyes from the ugliness
Of the world that lies all around me.

But why?

I'm nothing,
Just a ghost,
A whisper
Of a distant memory
From long ago.

Yet still she protects me
Teaching me, guiding me
Through harsh reality
As we walk through the darkness
Of eternal night.

I am grim,
Dark and foreboding.
My landscape is lifeless,
Desolate and grey,
Yet Beauty shines
In all her glory,
Bringing magic
To this brand new day,
As tender hands guide me
Through storm-filled dreams,
Teaching me, protecting me
From night's lonely silence.

I am grim,
Desolate and bare,
Filled with the darkness
Of distant memories -
yet I am Beauty,
I am she
Who brings light
To the darkest of dreams.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Upon this night,
She stands alone,
Softly touching
Moonlit thoughts,
As temptation
Dances like fire,
Bringing the light
Of her heart's desire,
Tempting her soul
With passionate dreams -
yet bringing the darkness
Of silent screams.